What's the Suzuki Method about? Why study Suzuki Guitar?
What is involved? Who is this Stephen Bondy, anyway?


Here are some things that parents and students in the Stephen Bondy Guitar Studio have said about the program:

from Merial, mother of Schuyler -

My 9 year old son began studying Suzuki guitar with Steve Bondy when he was 7 1/2. He had been taking Suzuki Piano lessons for several years and wanted to learn to play the guitar. Schuyler has thrived under Steve's direction. He loves to go to his lessons--both the private lessons and the group lessons. Steve is a very talented teacher and connects with the students extremely well. He has a remarkable ability to inspire children to focus and to be motivated to learn. Sometimes, I am truly amazed at the "magic" Steve performs during a lesson. He loves teaching the kids and the kids respond well to his style. My son's musical skills have blossomed since he began studying with Steve. Plus, he has developed critical life skills (self discipline, focus, commitment, team play, to mention but a few). The families with children in the Studio have become friends and being a part of the Studio has been a very positive experience not only for my son, but for our entire family.

Karen Spinelli, mother of Peter -

Steve Bondy has the magic formula when it comes to teaching boys. He's a kid at heart, and a father who knows from experience how to make learning fun in ways that boys can appreciate. In group lessons, he creatively incorporates music theory in such a way that the kids don't even realize they're learning since they're so busy having a good time.

My son started Suzuki guitar at 13, when most teenagers are thinking about quitting their instruments. So it was a special challenge to keep my son interested. Steve has just the "right stuff" to keep lessons fun, exciting yet challenging.

from Ellias, father of Will -

Having spent almost two years with Steve's Suzuki Guitar class, I can honestly say that he is a spectacular teacher, communicator, and friend of his students and their parents. His attitude, patience, and fun games, along with certain expectations, keep my son Will interested and excited about each session. My younger son Danny has been to the group classes and a few of the private ones; he and I can hardly wait until he joins Steve next year as a "full time" student. If one cares to enlighten his/her child's mind and self-esteem, no matter his/her level or experience, Steve's Suzuki Guitar Studio is the place.


What is the Suzuki Method about? What's involved? Why study Suzuki Guitar? Who is Stephen Bondy?
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