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What is involved? Who is this Stephen Bondy, anyway?

Sound Clips

Take a second and listen to the sounds made in the Stephen Bondy Guitar Studio!

Technical note about the sound files: The files are on the large side - if you have a dial-up modem, it may take a little while (as much as 10-15 minutes for the 1500Kb+ files) to download. Also, if you are using a Windows machine, right click the links and select "Save Target As" and put the file on the desktop (or somewhere else). This will bring up a download window and will allow you to see the progress of the file. If you choose to download a larger file, you may have time for a game of Freecell while you wait! If you encounter any problems with this process, please let me know on the contact page. Thanks!

The Students

These clips were made during the students' lessons, immediately after our Spring 2006 recital. I wanted to acknowledge such dedication and display the results of their efforts to the world!

Adam H. plays Waltz from Sonata #9 by Paganini Adam-Paganini
Alex Z. plays Meadow Minuet Alex-Meadow Minuet

Asia J. plays Aunt Rhody and Saudi variation

Asia-Aunt Rhodys
Austin B. plays the Andantino from book 3 Austin-Andantino
Benjamin J. plays French Folk Song Benjamin-FFS
Ben G. plays Tanz by Bach Ben-TanzII
Brian B. plays the book 2 Andantino Brian-Andantino
Catherine B. plays I'm a Little Monkey Catherine-Monkey
Chandler T. plays With Steady Hands Chander-WSH
Christopher P. plays the Andante by Carcassi Christopher-Andante
Danny E. plays Allegro Danny-Allegro
Elijah F. plays Rigadoon Elijah-Rigadoon
Emma B. plays A Toye Emma-A Toye
Eric E. plays Twinkle Eric-Twinkle
Eric M. plays Long Long Ago Eric-LLA
Jacob B. plays Perpetual Motiona and Samba Jacob-PerpMS
Justin B. plays Twinkle Justin-Twinkle
Phoebe B. plays French Folk Song Phoebe-FFS

More student clips to come!

The Teacher

Sueño by Jose Viñas from the very recently published book 5. It is a beautiful tremolo piece! sueno.mp3
Maria Luisa, a Mazurka by Sagreras, also from book 5.